My aim is to create meaningful experiences through research and design.
My job description to friends and family:
When you use an app or a website I basically decide where to place the buttons.
What I actually do:
Understanding the client’s product, their wishes and needs. Learning as much as I can about the (potential) user, what their pain points are and what they need. Designing interactive experiences that connect the clients’ and the users’ needs, and make products or services distinctive.
What I like about my job?
I’m a very analytical designer, my ideas come from insights that I love finding through comprehensive research. This is also why I like complex projects, when the answer isn’t obvious. That makes it much more satisfactory when I feel like I’ve found it. But my dream project is not only complex, I also like to work on projects that add a certain value to the user’s life. Maybe it makes their lives easier, maybe it can take some frustration away, or maybe it even adds a bit of joy.
Some other nice to know facts about me:
# Living in Utrecht
# Can’t find me at home? Probably in a thrift shop hunting for treasures (or ‘oude meuk’ as we say in Dutch)
# Not there either? Probably out for a stroll
# Proud plant mom (10 kids and still counting)
# Very big fan of cheese
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