My aim is to create meaningful experiences through research and design.
I’m Amy, 22 years old and from the Netherlands. I enjoy reading books, trying out new places to eat & photography (mostly nature, buildings and my pets). 
My first digital work I created was in 2008 in a little program called paint. I was editing pictures in it, creating my own custom smileys to use in MSN, but also posters, logos and patterns.
Then during high school, I learned I was more analytical and excelled in math and science. However, I didn’t want to spend my life solving math problems. I wanted to solve problems for people. Making their lives better and easier, using paint (kidding). 
So, I went on to study Communication and Multimedia Design at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. The first “official” group project I got was exactly why I chose to go in this direction. We got the challenge to create an online platform for people with autism to get in touch with each other. I also enjoyed working on several projects with the goal to improve people their physical health. The project “Zet jezelf op de kaart” pushed me to think more outside of the digital world, creating a solution that was partly physical.
After 4 years I felt like I was missing the skills to be a designer that can make a change in the world. That’s when I found the Master Digital Design where I worked again on great projects, two can be found on this portfolio. I learned a lot about myself as a designer, what I value and how I can be more ethical in my work.
So that’s in a nutshell my story and now I’m looking for a job as user researcher or UX/interaction designer. I really enjoy doing research and converging all those findings back to the most important information. I like creating wireframes based on these insights, to create something that could be valuable and pleasant to use for the user.
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